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My name is Jefferson Lima and I hold the sole trading rights to FU WAX AUSTRALIA.

With my Brazilian heritage and life long passion for surf, I found myself talking with Fuad Mansur regarding the much so talked about surf board wax, 'FU'.

Fuad has been manufacturing surfboard wax since the 1960's and has produced an honest, family run business in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Over the years he has been building a name for his creation 'FU'. Now it is not only recognized nationally but globally as  well.

As with any great product, FU became recognized world wide by merely word of mouth. Professionals and locals alike are hooked on FU and agree it is quite possibly the best wax ever produced! It's only when you try FU, can you truly appreciate and understand the superior quality of grip and new level of achievable surf.

We are proud to announce that the highly anticipated Brazilian surf wax 'FU' had finally arrived in Australia!

FU WAX AUSTRALIA will be launched into the Australian market September 2012. To maintain FU's exclusivity, only selective retailers will stock FU, starting NSW wide. (please see via store locator)

See you in the FUture...

Shaka brah!